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Valeting and detailing products Stoke on Trent

Glass Cleaner | Crystal | Auto Allure Car Care

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Glass Cleaner - Crystal


Crystal glass cleaner is the ultimate smear free glass cleaner

This product works in all seasons - Just follow these super simple instructions and it will work everytime.

To use :-

  • Spray product onto a microfibre cloth (Lint Free for best results)
  • Wipe across the surface of the glass ensuring you clean corner to corner in straight motions
  • Using a seperate cloth, wipe away the residue to prevent smearing

One of the main issues when having issues with glass cleaning is over application of product. We find spraying the cleaner directly onto the glass is ok if you don't overspray.

We like to spray once onto the microfibre towel/cloth and move the product across the surface giving you full control of where you're cleaning and not over spraying the rubber trim or surrounding paintwork.

Colour of product may vary as we've recently removed any dye so product will be clear if from new stock !