Valeting and detailing products Stoke on Trent
Valeting and detailing products Stoke on Trent

Car Interior Cleaner | Eraser by Auto Allure

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Eraser -  Performance Interior Cleaner 

Eraser is our incredibly versatile interior cleaner.

Pleasantly fragranced with a hint of Citrus,

Eraser is designed to cut through grease, grime and other nasty stains that maybe present in your fabrics/leathers and hard surfaces.

To use :- Spray Eraser onto the affected area and lightly scrub with a brush or microfibre cloth to remove the stain.

On hard surfaces spray directly onto a microfibre cloth and wipe across the surface until the stain is removed.

Works wonders on foot pedals too.

Spray onto the pedals and brush with ideally with a 1” detailers brush and wipe clean with a microfibre cloth.

Best practise is to vacuum any areas to remove loose debris.